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Ruby Rose Fruit Tea

Ruby Rose Fruit Tea


Ruby Rose Fruit tea is an infusion made from cut pieces of fruit and plants, which are freshly dried. This tea-like beverage is NOT produced using the same traditional method as for green tea or black tea. 


Vanilla pineapple taste, hibiscus, pineapple bits, papaya pieces, Ruby rose tea is packed with vitamins and antioxidants and is amazing for cleansing the body of toxins and keeping the immune system strong! 

This tea is a wonderful option to drink with dinner or right after. Percect for iced teas too!  Fruit tea doesn't contain much caffeine, so it won't keep you up!



Loose Leaf Brewing Instructions:

Heat water to 203-212F, do not boil.

Use 1 one heaping teaspoon per cup.

Pour prepared water over the tea and steep for 10-12 minutes.



    Ingredients: Apple, rosehips, hibiscus blossoms, elderberries, vanilla, pineapple (sugar cane, pineapple, citric acid (max 1%), mango (mango, sugar, sulfur dioxide, USFD&C), natural and artificial flavor.


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